Mastering Perplexity AI: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Started

17 Jun 2024

In this article, I want to introduce you to something truly amazing—Perplexity AI. This AI tool has incredible potential, and I believe it can be a game-changer for many of you. I'll walk you through how to use Perplexity AI and highlight some of its great features.

Introduction to Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is an advanced search engine that works with real-time data. Unlike traditional search engines, it pulls information from various sources and provides a comprehensive summary.

Perplexity AI utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and machine learning models to understand and process user queries. It employs a combination of neural networks and data parsing techniques to generate accurate and relevant responses.

In NLP, 'perplexity' measures how well a probability model predicts a sample. Lower perplexity indicates better predictive performance, which is a key metric for evaluating the effectiveness of language models used by Perplexity AI.

Introduction to Perplexity AI

Getting Started With Perplexity AI

To get started, simply open the Perplexity AI website ( You can immediately begin by asking your first prompt. It's incredibly user-friendly and works just like a search engine but with more powerful capabilities.

Perplexity AI can be used for answering questions ranging from basic facts to complex queries, creating code, and summarizing content, all sourced from up-to-date information. Additionally, it allows in-depth topic exploration with its Copilot feature, organizes your research with Collections, and facilitates data interaction and web searches within the platform.

Getting Started with Perplexity AI

Focus Functionality in Perplexity AI

Focus functionality is a feature that lets users specify the context or domain for their search queries. By selecting a particular focus, users can narrow down the search results to be more relevant to their specific needs, whether it's academic research, content creation, or any other specialized task.

Focus Functionality in Perplexity AI

  1. Academic Research: Users can focus their searches on academic papers, journals, and research articles. This is ideal for students, researchers, and academics who need in-depth information and credible sources for their studies or projects.

  2. Content Creation: Writers, bloggers, and content creators can use the focus functionality to find relevant information, statistics, and references for their articles, blogs, or social media posts. This helps in creating well-informed and accurate content.

  3. Video Descriptions: For YouTubers and video creators, this feature can help in generating detailed and accurate descriptions, scripts, or summaries for their videos. It ensures that the content is engaging and informative.

  4. Business and Market Analysis: Professionals in business and finance can use the focus functionality to gather market data, financial reports, and industry trends. This aids in making informed business decisions and strategic planning.

  5. Healthcare: Medical professionals can focus their searches on medical journals, clinical trials, and treatment guidelines. This is useful for staying updated with the latest medical research and improving patient care.

How to Write a Good Prompts

To write good prompts for Perplexity AI, be clear and specific, use complete sentences, include relevant details, ask open-ended questions, avoid ambiguity, use contextual keywords, break down complex queries, specify the format, use follow-up questions, and refine your prompts based on responses.

The Difference Between Free and Pro Plans

The Difference Between Free and Pro Plans

Free Plan - Free

  • Basic Search Capabilities: Perform searches and receive comprehensive summaries from various sources.
  • No Registration Required: Start using the service immediately without creating an account.
  • Limited Data Handling: Attach files like PDFs or images with limited processing capabilities.
  • Standard AI Models: Access basic AI models for general tasks.

Pro Plan - 20 USD/month

  • Advanced Search Capabilities: Get more detailed and specific information, including access to specialized data like medical research.
  • Year-Specific Searches: Specify the exact year for more precise data retrieval.
  • YouTube Integration: Search for information on YouTube, and receive relevant video suggestions with summaries.
  • Personal Data Handling: Upload personal data, such as images or documents, for the AI to analyze and explain.
  • Creating Collections: Organize searches into collections for easier management and access.
  • Selecting AI Models: Choose from a variety of AI models, including GPT-4, Claude, DALL-E Playground, and Stable Diffusion.
  • Image Generation: Generate images based on user prompts, useful for visual projects or presentations.
  • Enhanced Sharing Options: Share search results easily for collaborative projects or sharing findings with others.
  • Pro Mode Toggle: Unlock additional functionalities and more powerful search capabilities.

Video Tutorial About Perplexity AI

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Perplexity AI is a versatile and powerful tool that has helped me with a wide range of tasks, from academic research to content creation. I highly recommend giving it a try. If you decide to sign up for a Pro account, you can unlock additional functionalities and enhance your research and productivity.

P.S. You can get a $10 discount on the Pro account by using the link in the video description. :)