How Yummypets’ Voice Program is Leveraging Tech for Animal Welfare

8 Jul 2024

We live in a time where there is a social network, Discord server, subreddits, WhatsApp group and other online one-offs for almost every topic and affinity group. The catch is that often times social media platforms often struggle to find meaningful purpose beyond connectivity. Yummypets, the largest online community of pets and owners, network, found a way to transform online engagement into tangible support for animal welfare through its Voice program.

Launched in 2017, the Voice program is Yummypets' proprietary click-to-donate initiative. The name "Voice" was chosen with a profound purpose - to give a voice to those who don't have one: animals. Matthieu Glayrouse, Co-Founder of Yummypets, explains, "Voice was created because we wanted to do something bigger than the Yummypets community. We wanted to engage the community and make a meaningful contribution to the well-being of animals."

The program has evolved significantly since its inception. Initially present only in France and focused on helping animal welfare organizations spay and neuter stray cats, Voice underwent a major transformation in 2020. Its mission shifted to feeding rescue animals from animal welfare organizations, broadening its impact and reach.

The expansion of Voice has been rapid and impressive:

  • November 2021: Launched in the United States
  • October 2023: Expanded to Canada
  • December 2023: Launched in the United Kingdom

This international growth reflects not only the program's success but also the universal appeal of its mission.

The mechanics of Voice are elegantly simple yet profoundly effective. Each month, four animal welfare organizations are featured on the platform. Users can click once daily for each organization, with each click contributing towards a goal of 165 pounds of kibble. To incentivize engagement, Yummypets members who are logged in see their clicks doubled.

"The goal of the program is to raise clicks for kibble to feed rescue animals," Glayrouse explains. "To receive 165 lb of kibble, the participating organizations need to reach 100% before the end of the month."

Users can participate through the Yummypets website under the Voice tab or via the Voice tab on the Yummypets mobile app, making it accessible and convenient for the community to contribute.

The Voice program's achievements to date are impressive:

  • Over 11 million clicks generated
  • 385 campaigns completed
  • 28 tons of kibble distributed
  • 326 different organizations supported

These numbers translate into countless meals for animals in need, supporting everything from local shelters to large-scale rescue operations. The program has helped organizations across participating countries, with some using the donated kibble to support their foster families.

"Voice has helped so many organizations feed the animals in their care,"Glayrouse notes. "We've seen participation from organizations on both the East and West coasts in the United States alone."

At its core, Voice is a testament to the power of technology as a force for good. While specific technologies powering the program weren't detailed, it's clear that the platform leverages advanced digital technologies to ensure seamless user engagement and efficient resource distribution.

Data analytics play a crucial role in optimizing the program's effectiveness. By tracking metrics such as the number of clicks, campaigns completed, and kibble distributed, Yummypets can continually refine its strategies and maximize impact.

In an era of increasing concerns about data privacy, Yummypets takes user security seriously. "To ensure security and privacy, we do as we have been doing since 2012 with Yummypets," Glayrouse, emphasizes. "Security constraints and personal data protection are at the heart of our activity since day one."

The company adheres to international regulations such as GDPR, ensuring that users can participate in the Voice program with confidence, knowing their personal information is protected.

Yummypets' success goes beyond its technological innovations. The platform has mastered the art of community building, fostering genuine connections among its 3.5 million users through interactive features like monthly photo contests and engaging content.

"To create a sense of connection within our community, we prioritize interaction and empowerment," Glayrouse explains. "We want our community to know that they matter—that their voices matter."

This philosophy is evident in every aspect of the Voice program, which unites users around a common cause, creating a sense of shared purpose that transcends typical social media interactions.

The Voice program's success is closely tied to its integration with social media and digital engagement strategies. Yummypets leverages its social media presence to create a sense of community around the Voice program.

"When it comes to fostering a sense of community among our social media fans, we make it a point to post content that encourages interaction," the spokesperson shares. "We ask questions and keep up with the trends to keep people interested. Most importantly, we create a sense of community through Voice's social media accounts."

This approach has proven effective in mobilizing the Yummypets community towards a common goal, demonstrating the power of social media when harnessed for social good.

Yummypets' ambitions for Voice are as bold as the program itself. "By 2026, we aim to increase the impact of Voice and distribute 50 tons of kibble to our partner organizations," the spokesperson reveals. This goal represents a significant increase from the current distribution of 15 tons per year

Plans are also underway to expand the program to new countries, further globalizing their efforts. "We intend to help other countries in the future," the spokesperson adds, hinting at the program's potential for even broader impact.

The process for selecting animal welfare organizations to participate in the Voice program is straightforward and inclusive. Animal welfare organizations can sign up to participate in the program. The link to sign up is available on the Voice webpage. The organizations are chosen on a first come, first served basis.

This approach ensures that a diverse range of organizations, both large and small, have the opportunity to benefit from the program.

The journey of Yummypets and the Voice program offers valuable insights for other organizations looking to leverage technology for social good. Perhaps the most crucial lesson is the importance of authentic community building.

"One of the most important lessons we have learned is that no one can buy a community," Glayrouse emphasizes. "Over the years, we've seen firsthand that attempting to do so is not only impossible, but also a huge waste of time, energy, and money."

This philosophy underscores the importance of genuine engagement and the power of shared purpose in building a thriving online community.

The Future of Digital Philanthropy

As we navigate an increasingly digital world, initiatives like Yummypets' Voice program point the way towards a future where technology and compassion go hand in hand. By harnessing the power of social networks for social good, Yummypets has created a model that could revolutionize not just animal welfare, but digital philanthropy as a whole.

The Voice program stands as a powerful reminder of what we can achieve when we come together, one click at a time, to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. As technology continues to evolve, the potential for programs like Voice to create meaningful, large-scale impact in animal welfare and beyond is truly exciting.

Yummypets' Voice program offers a glimpse of how technology can unite us in common cause, turning our daily digital interactions into a force for good. It's a vision of social networking that goes beyond connection to create real-world change, one click at a time.