How to Bypass Originality AI Detection

13 Jun 2024

The emergence and growing sophistication of AI detectors like has made it increasingly difficult for AI writer users to evade their detection. From students and business professionals to content creators and marketers, people are more likely to get flagged by these stringent detectors.

As such, there is a desperate need for new bypass strategies that will effectively allow AI users to make their content undetectable and bypass detections. In this article, we will explore all the methods that can help you achieve high human scores on it. Read on for all the answers!

Everything You Need To Know About Originality.AI was launched in November 2022 by Jon Gillham after he sold a content marketing agency he had founded previously. Having used AI writing tools for SEO-marketing purposes, he anticipated a growing need for an online detection solution that could help users to quickly distinguish between AI and human-written content.

This resulted in the creation of, which was one of the first AI tools capable of detecting content generated by popular language models like GPT-3.5/4, Claude, etec. The AI detection tool claims to have a 94%+ accuracy rate and over the past two years, the company has kept on upgrading its AI detection model having already released its 3.0 version in 2024.

The platform is one of the few AI detectors well-suited for enterprise use, as it provides access to team management features. It also facilitates API integration and supports multilingual AI detection in 15 different languages. is also unique in that it has a pay-as-you-go option that lets you conduct AI checks without a subscription.

How to Bypass Detection? is a popular AI detection tool used by many industry-leading platforms, companies and institutions. As such, it is essential to know how to bypass it if you want to publish or submit AI content without being flagged. Luckily, several unique strategies can help you outsmart it. Let’s explore them in detail below.

Use an AI Humanizer

When it comes to making AI content undetectable, the use of an AI humanizer like BypassGPT is the easiest way to achieve this. Using highly advanced algorithms, the platform is trained and developed to rewrite AI text until it is undetectable by AI detectors

Unlike typical rewriting tools, it makes comprehensive alterations to the text.  This involves reworking the entire content in terms of word choice, phrasing, and even syntax. In doing so, it erases common indicators that AI detectors like tend to spot as AI. For this reason, BypassGPT consistently produces high human score output without fail.

See the test sample humanized by BypassGPT on

The platform has a wide range of features and benefits that include:


  • Next-level AI humanization technology to ensure output is 100% undetectable
  • ChatGPT watermark removal capabilities
  • Built-in AI checkers integrated with popular AI detector tools for collective AI scoring


  • Humanizes any type of AI content including emails, reports, articles, ad copy, etc.
  • Humanizes AI text from any language model, be it ChatGPT, GPT-4, Gemini, Jasper, etc.
  • Produces 100% plagiarism-free and contextually-accurate output each time

Aside from an AI humanizer, there are other alternative methods that you can use to bypass detection. However, do keep in mind that these methods will require a certain level of manual input. Let’s quickly break them down in detail.

Include Real-Time Information

AI tools generate content based on pre-existing information. As such, they rarely produce real-time facts and statistics on current events. You can make your content seem more credible and human-written by including new information and data that is yet to be widely publicized.

Use Informal Language

AI content tends to be heavily formal and impersonal, which is a common indicator that AI detectors look out for. Instead, you should try to incorporate more informal vocabulary and relatable phrases like slang words to help make it sound more casual and human.

Eliminate Repetitive Wording

One of the most common indicators of AI generation is the presence of repetitive wording. To this end, you should always replace any overused terms or phrases with more casual language to help make the content seem less robotic and predictable.

Mention Personal Experiences

One way to make AI content sound more human is to include personal anecdotes, opinions, and even stories. Since AI writers can’t replicate real human experiences and thoughts, it helps you make the content sound more relatable and therefore undetectable by AI detectors.

Be Precise With Your Desired Voice

When using AI language models like ChatGPT, you should always specify your desired tone and style in the AI prompts. For example, you can ask it to generate an article in a conversational tone. This helps ensure it produces less generic-sounding results, and can probably bypass Originality.

Use Figurative Language

Metaphors, similes, and other forms of figurative language are often more effectively used by human writers than AI. They add richness to text, make it more expressive and help you keep it undetectable by AI detectors.

Vary Sentence Length

AI often generates text with uniform sentence lengths or lengthy sentences. Humans, however, tend to use a variety of sentence lengths. Breaking long sentences down to shorter ones, mixing short, medium, and long sentences can make your text seem more natural.

Include References or Citations

If the text includes facts or information from specific sources, make sure to include references or citations. This makes you comply with good writing practices, and can help you avoid the detection of Originality.

Make Grammar and Syntax Errors

Deliberately inserting grammatical or syntactical errors into your text can be a good way to avoid AI detection, as AI is not likely to make mistakes. But be extra careful about where you include these errors, as making them too noticeable will reduce your text readability.

Reasons To Bypass Detection?

Able to bypass detection can bring you a lot of benefits:

  • Avoid Spam Filters: Spammy AI content is something many spam filters are trained to spot instantly. To ensure your content reaches its intended recipients, you should humanize it to bypass This helps to confirm the content sounds authentic and human-like enough to avoid being marked as spam.

  • Improve Content Readability: It can often be boring for audiences to read AI-generated content because it typically comes off as bland and formulaic. However, if you can humanize it in a way it bypasses, this does well to confirm that the content sounds authentic enough to keep readers engaged.
  • Boost SEO Rankings: If you want AI content to rank highly on SERPs, it must meet Google’s strict content guidelines. The easiest way to ensure it complies is by humanizing it well enough to bypass This helps your content look less like unhelpful AI-generated content that can result in SEO penalties and affect your rankings.

Conclusion is a very sensitive AI content detector and can easily flag your content as AI generated. You must be able to effectively make your AI content undetectable and this detailed guide holds all the solutions you need to bypass

Take your time to review each one and feel free to implement them into your content writing workflow for more human-like results. Based on overall effectiveness, our top recommendation for guaranteed results is to use BypassGPT. This platform is powerful enough to have a high success rate in avoiding the detection of