6 Best HTML Programming Books Ranked by Review Score

20 Nov 2022
Programming languages come in many forms, with each one meant to be used for specific purposes. Many of these languages are designed for creating programs and applications, but one such language — HTML — is meant for webpages.
HTML is perhaps the most common language used by webpages, partially thanks to its early implementation throughout the web and its ability to utilize other languages alongside it. Learning HTML is vital to coders and web designers, but it can prove very difficult without a great resource to pull from. To get started, aspiring coders should check out the 6 best HTML programming books ranked by their Amazon reviews.
This article will cover books based on the amount and percentage of positive Amazon reviews while also trimming out redundant material. HTML is pretty much always paired with CSS and other languages focused on web design, but there are many “general” books that include HTML among unrelated programming languages. Therefore, this list will only include these “general” books if they are focused around web design.

The 6 Best HTML Programming Books Ranked by Amazon Reviews

HTML5 & CSS3 For Beginners, as the title implies, is for those starting out in the world of web development. The book covers the latest version of HTML5 alongside the latest version of CSS3, a trend is found in every item on this list. As a cheap primer to the languages, this guide makes for a fine starting point.
Unfortunately, many reviews criticize the book for having many examples of typos and misinformation. Most positive reviews come from true beginners, and even they mention the lack of coverage on certain topics. While it’s not a terrible idea to start with this book, it might be better to pair it with another resource to ensure everything you learn is as accurate as can be.
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5. HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide by David DuRocher

The HTML & CSS QuickStart Guide by David DuRocher is another resource designed to help beginners. Unlike the previous item on this list, there are very few complaints with the content of this book. Instead, complaints come from how the guide’s content is provided. Many of the resources within aren’t very useful unless you’re willing to sign up with the website located within, and it requires a concerning amount of information to get started in full.
If you’re willing to push through this problematic process, you’ll find a fantastic guide for all your HTML and CSS needs. Reviewers that persevered through the signup process ended up praising the vast amount of information they received. You’ll need to invest quite a lot of yourself to make full use of this book, but considering the subsequent costs and overall results, it’s an investment well worth considering.
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4. HTML5 and CSS3 All-in-One For Dummies by Andy Harris

Anyone familiar with the “For Dummies” brand shouldn’t be surprised at the existence of HTML5 and CSS3 All-in-One For Dummies. Instead of being one comprehensive source of information, this book is technically eight books in one, containing an abundance of resources for anyone even slightly interested in web design. This book covers information on more than just HTML and CSS, with PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL taking headline spots.
Overall, reviewers were very happy with the book’s contents. It covers almost everything a web developer would want. Some people note that the book might contain errors, but they are few and far in between especially when it comes to the staggering amount of material you’ll find within. This is one of the pricier offerings on this list, but it’s hard not to recommend to newcomers and pros alike.
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3. Learning Web Design (5th Edition) by Jennifer Robbins

Learning Web Design is another book that covers more than HTML and CSS. As such, it’s more tailored towards those familiar with the languages. It offers many different topics for readers to follow along with, and it even contains information on more visual aspects of web design like SVG graphics. If other books on this list are good jumping-off points, this one makes for a perfect “final” review of what you’ve learned.
This book is the most expensive one on this list. There’s a cheaper digital version of Learning Web Design, but some reviewers encountered issues with text getting cut off. You might be better off taking the full dive into this book’s physical copy, especially if you want to take full advantage of everything you can do with web design.
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Surprisingly enough for one of the highest-rated programming books about HTML, Get Coding! prides itself on being made “for kids — by kids.” As playful and colorful as the book’s presentation is, it’s still packed with enough information to make an entire website on your own. Reviewers argue that the book is perfect for both kids and adults, stating that it acts as the quintessential programming book for beginners. 
Before purchasing this book, be wary that some reviewers have criticized it for outdated information. It might very well be one of the best beginner books, but it should not be the only resource you rely on.
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Topping off the 6 best HTML programming books based on Amazon reviews is HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites. The book provides many visual examples for beginners while covering a vast array of topics for advanced readers. As a result, this comprehensive collection of resources made for one of the best HTML books out there.
Unfortunately, time has not been kind to the material within. This book was published over a decade ago, and no new editions have been made since. It still found rave reviews even after so long, but this might be another book that’s best paired with a second choice from this list rather than kept on its own.
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